If you’re afraid, but don’t want to be,
Say, “Dear Lord,
Will you please comfort me?” 

Photos and Poem By Beth Ann Burkey Lombardi

I am afraid of what I can't see.
How can I keep things from scaring me?
I am afraid, but I don’t want to be.
So I will ask God to comfort me. 

Dear God, I know you are in command.
I am scared of what I don’t understand.
Right now, there's a sickness in this land.
The germs could be on a friend’s arm or my hand!

Tell me, What does a pandemic mean?
Can I get sick if my hands aren’t clean?
There are so many friends I haven’t seen.
Will I ever get back to my old routine?

God wants you to know he is right here
Watching you closely and holding you dear.
His Word, the Bible, makes everything clear.
Pray and ask for His help; God is always near.

Trust in His plan for your life and the world.
In His Bible you’ll find the greatest story ever told.
Put your trust in God, be brave and be bold.
Ask and He will make sure you’re consoled.

Together we pray, “God teach us to love.
Help us follow as You guide from above.
Care for us, heal us, and make us believe.
Your power and strength are all that we need.”

Our sadness will leave when we’ve learned what we must;
When people choose love, kindness and trust.
The pandemic will leave, and we will adjust.
We’ll be stronger and kinder when, in God we trust.