Freelance Writing

Yesterday I was feeling down in the dumps and missing my mom, then the postman brought the magazine with your article about Mom in it.  It cheered me up considerably — thanks so much for writing it.

– Patty G.

Thank you, Patty. You are the reason I write. I enjoy connecting with readers and compelling them to read more, feel more, understand or believe more.

In my life, corporate writing is the science and the job. The fast pace and search-engine optimized demands of corporate communications thrill me. (If you know anyone who was more excited than me when the latest Associated Press Style Guide came out with new innovations like lower-casing ‘internet,’ you should hire them!) I know how to lock into business’ strategic objectives, select the best mediums and messages, and help them succeed.

As a freelance writer, I enjoy a wonderfully pleasing balance.

Feature writing fuels my heart. Articles about people who have survived catastrophic accidents, grown better gardens and wondered how to pray make a personal difference in the lives of others.

Prayer: The Most Important Conversation You Can Have

I’ve interviewed thousands of people and written thousands of articles, and the most precious 'experiences are the one-on-one conversations with people who are kind enough to share their most intimate stories with me. To each, thank you for letting me write for you and about you. I hope I can continue to earn your trust by telling your most authentic stories well. Moreover, I am grateful to God for giving me a career I love and every word I have ever written. He is the master storyteller! Read More