Husband-Wife team develop brain health supplement

New Florence native tackles cognitive impairments with new startup

For Tessa and Jordan Balencic, DO, the drive to develop safe, evidence-based supplements that support brain health and healthy aging is personal. Each of the co-founders of ERApeutics® has a grandparent with incurable cognitive disorders: Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Their company’s first product, Prolimbic 29®, helps people improve mental clarity.

“Each of us has a grandparent who is dealing with a form of cognitive impairment. And the number one complaint my patients have is fatigue and brain fog, so I am very close to the problem,” said Dr. Balencic, a native of New Florence, PA.

“While the science behind cognitive health grows exponentially and quickly, my concern is that the number of dietary supplement companies making unsubstantiated, misleading and potentially harmful claims is also growing exponentially,” he said.

“Patients have come to my office with shopping bags full of supplements to sort through. I understand the confusion consumers face and decided to do take the bold step into the natural supplements market by creating, manufacturing, curating and selling safe, natural supplements people can trust.”

New Business is Based in Lancaster, PA

Dr. Balencic and his wife formed ERApeutics®, which is based in Lancaster, PA. The company includes another medical doctor, a doctor of nutrition, and business executives dedicated to “bringing a new era of honesty and transparency to the supplement industry.”

“We’re focused on helping people feel better by making sense of scientific evidence,” said Balencic, adding, “You can benefit from the right supplements in your 20s and 30s; there is no need to wait.”

When Can Supplements Be Dangerous?

Natural isn’t always safe, Dr. Balencic cautions. He chose six ingredients for Prolimbic 29® after months of investigation, and then had his physician partner review them. What they left out of the supplement is important.

“Ginkgo biloba, for instance, is very good for brain health, but it can raise blood pressure and can’t be taken if you’re on blood thinners,” Dr. Balencic said.

Caffeine is another ingredient that can make people feel energized quickly, but caffeine can have serious adverse effects.

“Many patients who are interested in improving their brain health are older and could be affected by the side effects of many ingredients or by mystery fillers that some manufacturers include in their supplements. I don’t want to give someone a supplement that’s going to potentially cause harm, raise their blood pressure or interact with another medication,” said Dr. Balencic.

Curating Quality Brain Health Supplements for Consumers

“Our product is science-based and specifically designed to help people naturally improve their mental energy levels and beat brain fog,” said Tessa Balencic. “It raises brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels, and customers are telling us Prolimbic 29® improves their memory, has a calming effect, and improves their sleep. It works.

“ERApeutics ( begins the next fiscal quarter with an expanded product line on our website because we have researched other companies’ products and pledge to include safe, high-value supplements when we can. We will continue to curate beneficial brain health supplements from trusted sources to help take the confusion out of healthcare choices,” said Balencic.

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