Dear Jesus, Let Us Zoom Away from COVID-19!

It was a Brady Bunch moment as, block by block, smiling faces filled the computer screen and members of the Sunday adult fellowship class came together for the first time since COVID-19 shut down their church. Read More

If you’re afraid, but don’t want to be, Say, “Dear Lord, Will you please comfort me?” 

I am afraid of what I can't see.
How can I keep things from scaring me?
I am afraid, but I don’t want to be.
So I will ask God to comfort me. Read More

Forest Bathing?

Forest bathing? Yes, it’s a real “thing,” and even Kathryn, Duchess of Cambridge, made headlines as “a strong advocate for the proven benefits the outdoors has on physical and mental health.” Her Back to Nature Garden is a hit whose benefits you can duplicate wherever you live. Read More

Is There a Healthy Way to Binge Watch TV?

Binge-worthy or not, it’s not what you watch that matters as much as how you watch. Read More

Heart attacks are down, but this doctor says we can do even better

More than 80 percent of all cardiovascular events are preventable through lifestyle changes. Cardiologist Elissa Thompson, MD, gives you the facts. Read More

Are you setting your child up for heart disease down the road?

How much added sugar is safe, at any age? Read More

Husband-Wife team develop brain health supplement

New Florence native tackles cognitive impairments with new startup Read More

Are You Prepared for the ER? Tips for Elderly Patients

Dr. Craig S. Cornwall says that your medical record is the most important thing you can have with you when going to the ER. Keep your own copies at-the-ready. Read More

An OB/GYN for your heart?

Women’s healthcare focuses on achieving a balanced lifestyle Read More

15 Tips to Relieve Morning Sickness

A doctor and recent mom offers ways to deal with the stomach upset that can come with pregnancy Read More

2 Sisters. 2 DNA Tests. 2 Ways to Beat Cancer

Genetic testing showed they were at higher risk of breast cancer, so these women took preventive action.

Kirsten Wickson, her husband Chris and daughter Emily vacationed in Florida before her surgery. She went into surgery without hesitation. Read More

This can reduce children's risk of injury by 70%

Share this handy car seat reference to keep kids safer! Read More

Is mail-order genetic testing for you?

Now that buying a do-it-yourself genetic cancer test, 23andMe®, is as easy as buying a grill or lamp online, will consumers “read the fine print” or expose themselves to undue stress and risk? Read More

Rescue dog helps an abused girl find peace

Studies show that pets can keep us calm. This therapist uses horses and dogs, with amazing results. Read More

How to pack a safe summer picnic

Fried chicken? Yes!

Baked beans? Got ‘em.

Macaroni salad? Check.

Bacteria? Wait a minute!

A tasty picnic lunch on a sunny summer day is meant for fun, not food poisoning. Read More

Is arthritis unavoidable as we age?

Dr. Michelle Costa, Rheumatologist, gives you honest answers to questions about arthritis. Read More

Will knowing the “dirty dozen” change what you eat?

Check out the list of foods high in pesticides and find out what you can do to eat well, despite all those chemicals! Read More

10 Steps to Mindfulness Meditation

Ready to relax? Manny Marrero, who served two tours of duty with the U.S. Marine Corps in Iraq, teaches mindfulness meditation. Read More

Where is my doctor?

Get to know the Hospitalist concept before you go to a hospital. Read More

TV cooking shows get low ratings for food safety

This study says you shouldn’t always do what TV cooks do if you want to stay healthy. Read More

Keep hydrated – even when it’s cold outside

Drinking water isn’t just important when the weather is hot. Here’s why. Read More

After a heart attack, what? How about a race!

Eight months after his heart attack, Mike Desisto could have walked to the finish line of his first 5K, but he chose to run the distance. “If you run, you finish faster,” said Desisto, 64, who lives in Cotuit, Massachusetts. Read More

Don't forget: there are ways to prevent dimentia

Some things should be unforgettable. Your mother’s smile. The first time you fell in love. The homerun you hit in third grade. Dementia threatens to rob us of treasured memories. But there are ways to reduce your risk. Hyannis neurologist Sean P. Horrigan, DO talked with Beth about a new study from the National Institutes of Health. Read More

Engaging people and building brand

Beth wrote the marketing materials for Cape Cod Healthcare’s new Heart Failure Clinic. Brand management pivots on authenticity and messages relevant to each audience. This brochure is exclusively for physicians. Read More

Patient brochure is one of many marketing pieces for a new clinic

What you say and how you say it matters . . . especially when dealing with heart failure. Working with Dr. Elissa Thompson and the team at Cape Cod Healthcare, I researched and wrote this brochure to help make patients and their families comfortable as well as informed about a new Heart Failure Clinic. Read More

Keep Clients and Capture More!

Try this to keep current clients and capture more. Your image is up-front and first-rate in marketing pieces like this one. Think beyond standard, ho-hum web content. Tell and sell your story! Read More

Retired Air Force Colonel Plans Wreaths Across America With Military Precision for Arlington National Cemetery

Wreaths Across America is carried out with as much heart as military precision.

It’s not about decorating the cemetery. “It’s about honoring our veterans and remembering their lives instead of their deaths,” said Greg Zehner, AKA “Z,” his fighter pilot call sign Read More

Need something safe to talk about this Thanksgiving?

If you want to keep politics, football and controversy off the Thanksgiving table this year, talking about National Family History Day is a great way to keep the conversation palatable. This article was featured by Cape Code Health News on the health system's homepage. Read More

Afraid to apply a tourniquet? You can do it!

America's Stop the Bleed initiative encourages all of us to act as immediate responders if someone is injured. (Think active shooter situation.) Tourniquets can save lives. Here's how to improvise in an emergency. Read More

Dance: A Grant Follow-up Report

One woman who never talks sang. “Dance, The energy to propel yourself young!" by Beth Ann Lombardi is a one-of-a-kind grant follow-up report. Pro bono work with heart! Read about evidence-based Choreography of Care™ and Kairos ALIVE! And check out Beth’s novel new approach to thanking donors and encouraging future contributions. Read More

Annual Report Wins Gold

A 2016 Gold MarCom international award winner for publication excellence, this 2015 annual report tells the company’s advanced technology story in a relevant, readable manner. This is the tenth consecutive year that Beth has won a major national or international award for writing this company’s annual report. Read More

Email Blasts Hit Precise Targets

Email blasts like this one speak to the audience.

Your content needs to be valuable, readable and actionable. Read More

Use Storytelling to Achieve Business Goals

This spirited corporate document captures the “feel” and culture of an organization. It helped the company win a World’s Most Ethical Company honor. Read More

Leverage My Experience for Your Writing and Editing Needs

You don’t have to know how to perform laparoscopic cholecystectomies to write about them. I have worked with doctors, scientists, engineers and U.S. Government agencies for more than two decades, ensuring exceptional quality for their high-level communications and look forward to writing or editing your articles, reports and white papers. Except adroit research, clarity and accuracy . . . and the tone and character that best fits your document. Read More

Print Advertising Still Matters!

Evoke emotion to create advertisements that are noticed. I used an unlikely image of a U.S. war fighter to create a unique 20th anniversary ad for a U.S. Army magazine. Read More

Marketing Plan Wins Ragan Honor

Ragan Communications awarded my mini marketing plan an honorable mention in their prestigious annual competition. The resulting annual report earned three national awards for publication excellence. Read More

Posters Can Make Ho-Hum Topics Fun

The client needed to display a poster about green purchasing throughout its offices. They smiled when they saw my humorous approach, and the poster won a National Service Industry Advertising Award. Read More

Your Nonprofit Campaign Case Statement Can Dazzle Donors

Case statements for fundraising and capital campaigns are detailed internal documents. I turned this one into an upbeat, engaging leave-behind piece for donors and the general public. Read More